Under preparation



Time flies!
It’s only a few days left until I’m doing my first half marathon run. The last two week has been less then perfect, with toothache (and dentist appointment), a funeral, inflammation problems and exhaustion…
Not a great way to prepare for a 21km run. Now, with three days left I’ve got pms… Great!
Right about now I should be doing a lighter run exercise, be concerned about water balance and starting to load up on carbs…
What I am doing is watching sappy movies, eating chocolate and feeling bloated!
Well, prepared or not. On Saturday I’m running and I might not get the results I’ve been hoping for, but I will cross the finish line.
Chocolate is a crab, right?

returning home


Do you know your own town?

I was born in Norrköping, a old industrial town on the east coast of Sweden. I was born and raised here. Then during 11 years I left my hometown, studied, worked and almost fell in love with another town nearby. But life has it´s own twists and turnes and I returned home…

Returning to your hometown in a more mature age, is kind of fascinating. You see all these familiar things with new eyes…

Ok, the town has changed during these years and it has become more interesting and beautiful. But all those thing I really didn´t see before amaze me now…

I´ve become a tourist in my own town

Sista supen (“Last drink”) is a building stated in the 1760´s.

The house was originally a laboratory for a pharmacy. The legend goes that people on death row got there last snaps here on there way to the gallows hill… Morbid?

When you cross the street you get to the sunny side café (Café Solsidan). Its located on the southern side of Motala stream and you have an amazing view of the buildings from the old textile industry, that the town is know for.




Got great news today!

Amazing how easy it is to smile when you receive news you really want to hear. News you´ve been longing for…

On a Friday no less…

So guys, have a great week-end and I will tell you all about it when I return down to earth…

Books vs books


The topic of today became books. More precisely paper books versus e-books.
I had a discussion on IM with an author about this. It started lightly when he told me that he only release his books as e-books. He argued for the ups with that (cheaper, environmental, broader audience and so forth). He said that paper books will be obsolete just as scrolls and hand-written documents.

And sure, he has a point.
I often download e-books, when I can’t get a hard copy. But , it’s never the same! I don’t like reading books on the screen. I like to curl up with a book and smell the book smell and feel the pages when I turn. I’m maybe old fashioned. But I still enjoy the story better in that format!
After we ended the discussion (we agreed to disagree), I directly went to the library to smell the books, to flick trough some and of course borrow a few. And as a kid on Christmas I rejoice in the fact that some unknown world will soon be opened before me. Me curled up with the book firmly in my lap.
So, as long as the paper books exist I will keep reading them.


Take the fall, and rise again!



The callback went bad! Real bad!!!
As soon as the camera turned on, I turned off… I don’t really remember what I said. But the well rehearsed lines I had was gone. Blank!

Afterwards I didn’t have time to have a pity party, since I just made it to another meeting. But later, when my head hit the pillow… Then the frustration came! The moment played over and over in my head like a broken record! And of course I woke up the next morning, feeling raw and bitter!

Fortunately, I do know that you can control your own feelings. Feeling lousy isn’t to much fun…
I went for a run! No light jogging. I went for a “taste blood in my mouth”-kind of run. That did the trick!
Later I met up with my friend and her newborn. Had girl talk and sniffed baby… I ended the day with a glass of wine and a great book on my balcony!
At that time, I felt great!
Yesterday’s failure was long gone.
That the way to do it!

When you take chances, you will stumble and fall sometimes. But don’t regret the things you didn’t do, because you were afraid to fail. That’s so silly!
If you don’t try – you never win. Right?!

Why do I run?



Someone asked me today why I was running. Why I put my body through the pain that comes as a bonus? She asked if it really is worth it?
My answer?
Hell yes!

I’m running for all the year I couldn’t. I run for the years when I won’t be able to. And I run for those who can’t….

It is totally worth the extra pain. The extra time with a physiotherapist, and the extra pills I now and then need to take!
It is worth it, because I know how it feels when you aren’t able to run! I’m making up for lost time…

Outside my comfort zone


Today I’m going to an audition!!!
Well outside my comfort zone I can tell you. The “role” is a job as an actor during ‘Harry Potter-the exhibition’ that is opening its doors here in Sweden this spring. This is not a job I typically search for, but I thought ‘what the heck’ and sent them an application. And now I’m called to audition!
In a few hours I’m supposed to go into the role and perform. I must strongly point out the fact… I’m not an actor!
So I’m regretting sending the application….
But I’ve made the promise to myself to make this year different. To go all in! To stretch my comfort zones and try things I rather not. To face fears!
So I’m going to the audition even though I rather stay at home inside my bubble of comfort!
So wish me luck or break a leg or something! I’m going all in…


Visiting dad


Yesterday’s fever had passed this morning, but I guessed that’s body needed another day of rest. So instead of going for a run I went to visit my dad.
I enjoy talking things through with him from time to time. The only downside is that it is very unilateral these days. Well, I would be very surprised if he did respond since he been dead for over 5 years!!!
I’m no Norman Bates though. I don’t keep my father in the basement… No, I go talk to him at the cemetery.

Dad was always my biggest support. The one to talk to when the shit hit the fan… So what to do, when he passed away? I keep talking to him, and somehow I usually know what he would say…


Racism is alive and kicking



It’s sad that I in year 2013 in cosy old Sweden is about to praise a anti-racist speech. Not for the speech or the purpose. No, for the fact it is needed!

Yesterday the Swedish artist Timbuktu (Jason Diakites) received an award and held a speech at the Swedish government. It was a brilliant speech! It was moving and it was powerful! And it was needed!
We swedes think of our self quite modern. We are environmentalists, equal and democratic! We have one of the highest living standards in the world!

What we apparently also have, is a rising mass of disgruntled people who vote and thereby agrees with a far far left winged nationalistic party called Sweden democracy (SD). Not to be to political here, but in my opinion they tend to be a light version of the nasi party….

Haven’t we learnt anything?
But I like the fact that so many people are getting very vocal against it! Timbuktu is just one, but he has a strong voice.
Racism is not ok!

It is not ok in 2013!
It is not ok in my beautiful country!
It is not ok!

See the speech here (unfort only in Swedish); Timbuktus speech

Swedes and Swiss


Today Swedes are really proud of being Swedes! I´m always amused by the way we talk about sports. We win, but they loose…


But the big win last night might be another. Does Americans finally know that Sweden  and Switzerland are two different countries?

I know, I know, were both small countries in Europe, were both neutral and we both has alps… But that´s it!

It´s the Swiss  that makes watches and chocolate and it´s the Swedes that has ABBA and the Swedish sin….






We Swedes are always curios what other people think of us. And it is always very amusing to hear about it. But to answer a few myth about us….

  • No, we don´t have polar bears roaming the streets, but a moose now and then is perfectly normal.
  • No, the helmets with horns sticking out went out of style with the vikings
  • Yes, the Swedish girls are beautiful (what do you think a Swedish girl should answer…)
  • Yes, we are addicted to coffee, but to be fair, we have the best coffee in the world!
  • Yes, we like to skinny dip, but we are very shy when it comes to anything else than our naked body.
  • Yes, we do dance around a fertility pole  decorated with pretty flowers at midsummer (midsommarstång). No were not witches
  • Yes, the number one conversation topic is the weather! It is never right… It is always to rainy, to hot, to cold and so on. But we enjoy the right to be miserable about it!
  • Yes, we do speak excellent English, but we are usually to shy to speak to you anyway.
  • Yes, we are passionate about nature and that´s  the only thing we are passionate about. We don´t like making a fuss or be inconvenient  We do as were being told and stand in line, pay high taxes and let the politicians argue

But we do play excellent ice-hockey (or some of us do. Not me…)