Som jag skrev tidigare så hade jag packångest inför min Peru resa!

Det var onödigt… för packningen stannade kvar i Europa ?

Och eftersom jag ständigt är i rörelse mellan städer så har väskorna inte hittat mig än..

Så jag reser verkligen lätt…

Fullt fokus…


Fullt fokus… Men inte på träning! 

Sommaren som försvann allt för snabbt blev träningsfattig, men när den var slut var jag mer ‘fit’ än någonsin… Oxymoron? 

Eller kanske inte! Jag spenderade sommaren med att jobba, och jobba hårt! Ni som någonsin jobbat inom restaurang vet vad jag menar. I somras gick jag tillbaka till restaurangbranschen för några månader, som intendent på ett litet kryssningsfartyg. Många trappor, många backar och mycket spring…  Och lite för lite mat…

Japp, när jag klev i land i slutet av augusti var jag tanigt muskulös! Nu? Not so much… 

 Efter att semestrat i Afrika och sedan spenderat allt för många timmar vid datorn känner jag mig trött, plufsig och letargisk! 

Men ibland saknar man inte kossan förrän båset är tomt! I det är fallet så saknar jag min superform och börjar bli rackarns taggad att återfå den! Nu om något behöver jag den! 

I maj påbörjade jag min utbildning till kostrådgivare och eftersom ämnet fascinerar mig enormt så grottar jag ner mig i ämnet och timmarna flyger… Men att sitta still timmarna i enda är inte en brilliant idé! Inte för någon egentligen, men definitivt inte för mig!  Så värken som jag hållit stången kom tillbaka som en objuden och ovälkommen gäst.

Så jag behöver som många andra… Motivation! 

Men vet ni vad? Det går inte att vänta på att motivationen ska komma och knacka en i axeln… Det är bara att skaka av sig latmasken, ta sig i kragen och… Just Do It! 

No Monday morning blues



bring it onSome mornings is it so easy to jump out of bed and get things started!

I woke this morning feeling totally rested, even though I have slept way to little this weekend.  I woke up with anticipation for the day to come.  Did I have any particular reason, you ask? Nope! None!  But I still felt a little bit giddy about the week ahead of me. Isn’t that an amazing feeling?

I don’t know if it is because of the weekend I´ve had.  It wasn’t down right horrible, but well, it left a bitter taste in my mouth…  So this morning I woke up with a determination that this week will be splendid to compensate.

I started this day with a smile and chunk loads of energy! I went to my first meeting of the day, with this energy still intact. The meeting went GREAT! So great that I now have the rest of the day to work on my own, since the afternoon meetings became redundant….

This is was a great attitude can bring you!

Unfortunately, I don´t wake up every morning in this way. But when I do; Well, hold on to your hats..



New opportunity


Yesterday I was asked if I could hold a lecture on health and lifestyle for a class of truckdrivers in November, for 4(!) hours!
I immediately said yes!

Ive hold talks about this before, so its nothing new. But those were for an hour or so and in front of people who are interested in the subject! Not to be judgmental, but truckdrivers arent know for their healthy lifestyle… How can I make the lecture interesting and inspiring? And how will I be able to keep their interest up for 4 hours???
Today I started to go though the material I must cover and… Oh My Gosh how boring!

Well, I have more than two weeks to prepare, and even though it kind of scares the crap out of me, Im totally psyched! This is my kind of challenge! I hope that I will do great, but who knows.
But what I do know is that I will do my very best!


Social media makes us Anti Social


Just returned from a long weekend in beautiful Barcelona with family and friends. It was amazing! The sun was shining, the sights was beautiful and the food delicious! I enjoyed myself enormously. I got to spend some quality time with the persons closest to me, talking, interacting and being social!


What can I say, I get frustrated. For me, social media is a way to kill some time when Im bored. For others it is a way of life. I feel myself getting more and more irritated on the constant use of the phone. As soon as we entered a WiFi-zone, the fingers goes to work. Status updates, Instagrams and chats. The heads faced down on the screen, missing out on life surrounding them.

Maybe I make a big fuzz about something that today is accepted as normal. And maybe its non of my business what they do with their time. But I think its sad that you cant enjoy the present without sharing it to your friend list.

I am present on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I do make regular updates. Im not against the social media, heck I do enjoy them immensely. I like getting a glimpse into peoples lives even though you know its a edited one. Its like watching a reality show starring all your favorite people.. But I dont want it to control my life!

So do yourself a favor, put down your phones for a while and be in the present. Talk to the person next to you and stop rating yourself by the like you get.

In a rut


I´m in a rut!

This summer was amazing! I loved working as an actor on the exhibition. I met a lot of amazing people, I worked with an amazing crew, I experienced a lot of amazing things! Of-course it had its ups and downs. Thats the way it should be! But overall, I had a blast!

But all things, good or bad, has to come to an end….

I am a bit of a rolling stone. I switch jobs and relationships quit regularly. I get restless and move on. But this time I had no longing for that. I wanted to stay in this bubble of fun… But the summer ended and the exhibition closed and moved on, I was meant to do the same! But all I could feel was sadness and a feeling of loss.

I tried to fill the void with new things, I´ve  searched for a new job, a new adventure, a new beginning! But so far with no luck! And its like my body is responding to my foul mood! My back and hip is killing me, and I cant go for all the tension relieving runs I had planned. This of-course leads to more “pity-partying”. Feeling sorry for yourself is no good! Nothing good or productive comes out of it. But sometimes its truly hard to shake it off.

On top off all, my little cat died this week. Not to surprising, she was really old. But that only contributed to my lousy feeling.

So what to do?

Well, I havent really figured that out yet. But I know that finding a new goal is crucial to me… So, even though I have trouble finding my way right now, I keep doing the thing I know will lead me in the right direction…



Fun day at work


I know, I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. I make people smile for a living!
I work in a magical world, at least for a few month.
I work as an actor at Harry Potter – The Exhibition!
What can I say; I love going to work!
Even days like these. It’s Monday and the weather is unusually beautiful. The sun is shining from a clear blue sky and the heat is said to come from the Sahara region….
Even days like these!
Today was even extraordinary! The guest was giddy of excitement and the energy high! My first group of the day was municipal managers. Yes, a bit stiff I agree. But my boss, the top VD was with them and I couldn’t resist a little prank!
Hopefully he has that sense of humor I think he has…. Oops, this could be bad for my career….
But, all and all, this day have been great.
Now I’m on my balcony, reloading energy. Reading in the still warm evening, while the laundry is drying.
Tonight the actors from the exhibition is going out for a meal, a beer and hopefully a laugh!
How was your day?

Single & +40


Why is it that it is more flattering when a gay man is giving a compliment?

Is it because you know that he has no intent whatsoever to get into your pants?

Certainly we know that the compliments are not necessarily honest, like when your girlfriends say how amazing you look. You may not believe them, but it feels good anyway!

Being single and being +40 is not easy! Even if you have reached the point in life when you are relatively comfortable with yourself.

Although the uncertainty you felt in the 20’s is just a memory, you do have to admit to yourself that your body is changing and not in a positive direction ….

The previously toned bodyparts are beginning to inevitably fall to the ground and how comfortable you may be in your body, you realize that the most flattering lighting is candle-light.

Luckily, you care so much less!

Yes, it hangs here and trembles a bit there, but face it, I´m awesome anyway!

Call back



Tonight I´m going on a “call-back”!

It´s sounds a little bit silly to me. It isn’t a Hollywood movie I´m applying to, just as a host on an exhibition! But, as the words imply it is a performance with a script and it will be filmed and sent to Warner Bros in the US…

They take it really serious over there so I suppose I should do the same!

The audition last week went, as you might have guessed, really well. Since I went to it with an “nothing-to-loose” attitude I never became that nervous.  This time it´s different! I got a real shot of landing this job!

This should be fun! A new experience to add to my new year resolution of doing things I normally don´t do.. I should be thrilled! Nervous but exited.

But today, my head isn’t really in the game.

I don´t know if its the sad news I received yesterday (a relative died during the Easter). But I wasn’t real close to him and the death was somewhat expected. He has been ill for years.

Maybe it is the fact that a friend of mine has resurfaced again, after almost a year of radio-silence… with a newborn. I didn’t even got the news she was pregnant! I´m really happy for her. But the question keeps popping up in my head; why didn’t she tell me? I´m meeting her tomorrow, maybe I´ll get an answer.

I need to clear my mind and concentrate on the task in front of me. Memorize the lines, keep calm AND ROCK THIS!


Have faith


I know, some days it is hard to find the silver lining. Hell, some days it is hard to get out of bed. But try to keep it simple… The tides will turn!

“I know what I have to do now, I’ve got to keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?”

– from Cast Awaycastaway