Hur i hela friden packar man inför en resa som kommer innebära tropisk värme, kallt och blåsigt samt regnigt? Dessutom fysiskt ansträngande…

Jag är i vanliga fall den ultimata minimalist packaren…  Jag släpar helst bara med mig det absolut nödvändigaste (bikini, solglasögon och bekväma skor..) och packar alltid ned galltvål och är van att hänga trosorna på tork på natten!

Men min resa till Peru på torsdag, stället till problem för mig! Det ska bli hett, fuktigt, regnigt, kallt och jag ska ju dessutom kampa på min väg upp mot Machu picchu…

Idag började jag plocka fram det jag behöver och högen bara växer ?

Jag trodde resan skulle bli ett äventyr… men att packningen skulle bli min första utmaning anade jag inte!


Don’t Quit Poem Movie


If I had to guess, I would bet you are facing your fair share of challenges and obstacles in your life… I know I am. When things go wrong, and they sometimes will… how will you choose to respond? That is what this short movie is all about. Be inspired by these words of wisdom if you are thinking of quitting.

via Don’t Quit Poem Movie.

Pagan rituals in modern time



Today it’s the summer solstice. Today, on midsummers eve we swedes pay our homages to the years longest day. Not that we do it consciously anymore. But it’s tradition! Not even the church has changed this celebration (not in lack of trying..)
We swedes celebrate midsummer with a raised midsummer pole (an fertility symbol) that we dance “små grodorna” around with wild flowers in our hair. We eat the first potatoes that the soil provides with pickled herring and sour cream.
We flush it down with snaps… A lot of snaps…..
There been a lot of discussions about when and why we adopted our midsummer traditions. It has been a custom of us to celebrate the solstice since the Viking age at least. Some say it was imported, some day we exported it. But in the end, we like our pagan fertility tradition. For us, it doesn’t really matter why we celebrate the midsummer eve with a intensity that is uncommon for us shy swedes. We do it because if tradition or maybe (in my case) for the love of Sweden’s endless summer nights!


Outlife versus Nightlife


Who needs nightlife when you have outlife , exclaims M, and raises her arms in a eloquent gesture .

The origin of this was that I told her that with my current economic state, there is not much nightlife for me. No dinners at the restaurant or beer at outdoor cafes. A sad fact since that is lovely now when the summer has returned to us.

But she’s so right, because if you have an outdoor lifestyle (an outlife..), you don´t have so much need for a wild nightlife . If you spend a part of each day in our amazing nature, you are quite content with your life.

We started this day with a hike in a trail around one of Finspångs all lakes. We stopped and had a break on a cliff overlooking the lake and listened to …. the sound of silence
An amazing experience. A solace for the soul! And all it cost was a few liters of petrol! That´s luxury in my world!
So what if,  after a day in the sun and nature, I choose a glass of wine on the balcony instead of the restaurant below?

2013-05-31 19.24.55

Photo: Amstel00 (Instagram)

”Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein 




What is it about cherry blossoms that really makes me spellbound?
I mean, there are so many different flowers, with different colors, sizes, appearances. Some fragile, some robust. Everyone beautiful in its own way.
But there is something special about cherry blossoms…
Maybe it is the total abundance of flowers. The way Mother Nature showers the tree with plentitude! Maybe it is the inconstancy, the short fleeing moment of magnificent! A reminder that life is short…
Either way, this beautiful sign of spring is in full bloom. Enjoy!