Mind over matter



Sometimes it feels like you should stayed at home…
Well, at least not gone running!

I have rheumatism and the years after I got the diagnose I gave up my old active life in fear of pain. Now, I’ve conquered that fear and started jogging again. And I must say that it has been easier than I ever thought. Yes, my body hurts and gets more tired but I can feel it gets more and more resilient and strong!

But today….
Usually the stiffness and pain decreases after a kilometer and after that its smooth sailing. Today it grow worse… All I wanted was to stop, give up and die…
Then the stubborn part of me kicked in! I knew that this horrible run would feel much better afterward if I didn’t stop, if I followed through. If I didn’t give up! The run may have been terrible but I succeeded anyway… One more win for mind over matter!
I didn’t stop!!!

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