Mud, stale beer and rock’n’ roll



What can I say, I like rock festivals but I must also confess that I’m not as resilient as I have been! I don’t have anything against the stale overpriced beer and the mud that finds its way Everywhere…and you have come to expect the queues! But I do really enjoy getting home at night, taking a warm shower and getting into my own bed. Especially since the Swedish summer is so generous with rain… So this festival is perfect for me. It is in my hometown so I can leave the tent at home…
Yesterday I stood beside a man that wasn’t that lucky! His cloths were stiff with dried mud. He was in a desperate need of a shower and he looked tired. But, he looked so pleased! Well, every age has its own bliss. Mine is after the last gig, slowly walking home in the dawn… Three days of music, mud and stale beer… Loving it and enjoying the fact that its over!


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