The ache have grown worse. It was tolerable in the beginning if the week, but after a long run in the forest two days ago, I woke up yesterday with a stabbing pain in my lower back. I can’t get down to tie my own shoelaces…..
I got into a deep funk!
I’m used to pain, that usually don’t depress me. But reality hit me, and I got the blues. I know that it is ok to have a pity party sometimes, as long as its a short one. So I ate chocolate and watched film…
After a yesterday of rest and totally boredom, today I changed strategy.
I know that the athletes swears by cold baths but I prefer the magical bliss of a warm jacuzzi!!!
Sauna, jacuzzi and 20 laps later I feel rejuvenated and ready for another afternoon of rest and relaxation! It’s ok to feel sorry for yourself sometimes, but its crucial that you pick yourself up and do the beat you can with what you got!

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