In a rut


I´m in a rut!

This summer was amazing! I loved working as an actor on the exhibition. I met a lot of amazing people, I worked with an amazing crew, I experienced a lot of amazing things! Of-course it had its ups and downs. Thats the way it should be! But overall, I had a blast!

But all things, good or bad, has to come to an end….

I am a bit of a rolling stone. I switch jobs and relationships quit regularly. I get restless and move on. But this time I had no longing for that. I wanted to stay in this bubble of fun… But the summer ended and the exhibition closed and moved on, I was meant to do the same! But all I could feel was sadness and a feeling of loss.

I tried to fill the void with new things, I´ve  searched for a new job, a new adventure, a new beginning! But so far with no luck! And its like my body is responding to my foul mood! My back and hip is killing me, and I cant go for all the tension relieving runs I had planned. This of-course leads to more “pity-partying”. Feeling sorry for yourself is no good! Nothing good or productive comes out of it. But sometimes its truly hard to shake it off.

On top off all, my little cat died this week. Not to surprising, she was really old. But that only contributed to my lousy feeling.

So what to do?

Well, I havent really figured that out yet. But I know that finding a new goal is crucial to me… So, even though I have trouble finding my way right now, I keep doing the thing I know will lead me in the right direction…



Fun day at work


I know, I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. I make people smile for a living!
I work in a magical world, at least for a few month.
I work as an actor at Harry Potter – The Exhibition!
What can I say; I love going to work!
Even days like these. It’s Monday and the weather is unusually beautiful. The sun is shining from a clear blue sky and the heat is said to come from the Sahara region….
Even days like these!
Today was even extraordinary! The guest was giddy of excitement and the energy high! My first group of the day was municipal managers. Yes, a bit stiff I agree. But my boss, the top VD was with them and I couldn’t resist a little prank!
Hopefully he has that sense of humor I think he has…. Oops, this could be bad for my career….
But, all and all, this day have been great.
Now I’m on my balcony, reloading energy. Reading in the still warm evening, while the laundry is drying.
Tonight the actors from the exhibition is going out for a meal, a beer and hopefully a laugh!
How was your day?

Single & +40


Why is it that it is more flattering when a gay man is giving a compliment?

Is it because you know that he has no intent whatsoever to get into your pants?

Certainly we know that the compliments are not necessarily honest, like when your girlfriends say how amazing you look. You may not believe them, but it feels good anyway!

Being single and being +40 is not easy! Even if you have reached the point in life when you are relatively comfortable with yourself.

Although the uncertainty you felt in the 20’s is just a memory, you do have to admit to yourself that your body is changing and not in a positive direction ….

The previously toned bodyparts are beginning to inevitably fall to the ground and how comfortable you may be in your body, you realize that the most flattering lighting is candle-light.

Luckily, you care so much less!

Yes, it hangs here and trembles a bit there, but face it, I´m awesome anyway!




My legs are talking about 21,1 km pavement, my sunburned nose speaks about the heat and the sun, my shoes tells the tale about paper cups mashed with water to a mud and my soul is singing…

I did it, I did it….

It was one of the hardest thing I have ever done and one of the most fun…. At 18 km I wondered why in hell I was tormenting myself like this. At 20 km I smiled and dug in deeper.

When I crossed the finish line I longed for the next time!

The euphoria you get when you finish something challenging, something really hard, is amazing!


Under preparation



Time flies!
It’s only a few days left until I’m doing my first half marathon run. The last two week has been less then perfect, with toothache (and dentist appointment), a funeral, inflammation problems and exhaustion…
Not a great way to prepare for a 21km run. Now, with three days left I’ve got pms… Great!
Right about now I should be doing a lighter run exercise, be concerned about water balance and starting to load up on carbs…
What I am doing is watching sappy movies, eating chocolate and feeling bloated!
Well, prepared or not. On Saturday I’m running and I might not get the results I’ve been hoping for, but I will cross the finish line.
Chocolate is a crab, right?

returning home


Do you know your own town?

I was born in Norrköping, a old industrial town on the east coast of Sweden. I was born and raised here. Then during 11 years I left my hometown, studied, worked and almost fell in love with another town nearby. But life has it´s own twists and turnes and I returned home…

Returning to your hometown in a more mature age, is kind of fascinating. You see all these familiar things with new eyes…

Ok, the town has changed during these years and it has become more interesting and beautiful. But all those thing I really didn´t see before amaze me now…

I´ve become a tourist in my own town

Sista supen (“Last drink”) is a building stated in the 1760´s.

The house was originally a laboratory for a pharmacy. The legend goes that people on death row got there last snaps here on there way to the gallows hill… Morbid?

When you cross the street you get to the sunny side café (Café Solsidan). Its located on the southern side of Motala stream and you have an amazing view of the buildings from the old textile industry, that the town is know for.


You are what you eat


I know you shouldn’t judge people on their looks, and I usually try not to. You don’t know anything about them, their lives and what they are going through.

But sometimes I really cant help myself!

Today I went shopping grocery and I strolled round and picked up things I need. I´m quite picky about my food. I´m no health freak, but I think of my body as an engine who needs fuel, not crap. I know whats good for me and most of the time I stick to that kind of food. I don´t think particularly less of those who choose to eat crappy food, but I know that my way is healthier!

I came across a woman, whose whole appearance screamed unhealthy. It wasn’t only because of the sweatpants, the uncombed hair, the belly fat that oozed out between the pants and the sweater. It was a glow of negligence….

As it turned out she appeared after me at the cash register and I got to look at the content of her grocery shopping…. 2 huge bottles of  a cheap brand of coke, 5-6 cans of energy drinks, a Swiss roll, some candy and 2 packs of smoke! OK, this maybe was a bad day for her, but quite frankly I don’t think so…

This makes me sad!  I wonder if she really knows how great your body can feel when you treat it right? Or has life been so disappointing to her that she has given up?




Got great news today!

Amazing how easy it is to smile when you receive news you really want to hear. News you´ve been longing for…

On a Friday no less…

So guys, have a great week-end and I will tell you all about it when I return down to earth…

Better runner with strength training


I´ve been doing some strength training with my physiotherapist since last summer to get me back in my running shoes. And I must say that it really helps!  I´ve seen and felt the results and I´m really gonna keep it up even though I think it´s kind of boring…

But every article I ever read about strength training and running points at one direction; You need it to become a better runner and to prevent injuries!

Running is perfect for you. The body loves to run! But if running is your only training (as for me), it can tear you down. Pounding those miles tear on your muscles and tendons…

So incorporate some strengthening exercises in your training and you too will see results.

These I haven´t tried before, but wow, right on the money spots….

Try them!

Books vs books


The topic of today became books. More precisely paper books versus e-books.
I had a discussion on IM with an author about this. It started lightly when he told me that he only release his books as e-books. He argued for the ups with that (cheaper, environmental, broader audience and so forth). He said that paper books will be obsolete just as scrolls and hand-written documents.

And sure, he has a point.
I often download e-books, when I can’t get a hard copy. But , it’s never the same! I don’t like reading books on the screen. I like to curl up with a book and smell the book smell and feel the pages when I turn. I’m maybe old fashioned. But I still enjoy the story better in that format!
After we ended the discussion (we agreed to disagree), I directly went to the library to smell the books, to flick trough some and of course borrow a few. And as a kid on Christmas I rejoice in the fact that some unknown world will soon be opened before me. Me curled up with the book firmly in my lap.
So, as long as the paper books exist I will keep reading them.