Social media makes us Anti Social


Just returned from a long weekend in beautiful Barcelona with family and friends. It was amazing! The sun was shining, the sights was beautiful and the food delicious! I enjoyed myself enormously. I got to spend some quality time with the persons closest to me, talking, interacting and being social!


What can I say, I get frustrated. For me, social media is a way to kill some time when Im bored. For others it is a way of life. I feel myself getting more and more irritated on the constant use of the phone. As soon as we entered a WiFi-zone, the fingers goes to work. Status updates, Instagrams and chats. The heads faced down on the screen, missing out on life surrounding them.

Maybe I make a big fuzz about something that today is accepted as normal. And maybe its non of my business what they do with their time. But I think its sad that you cant enjoy the present without sharing it to your friend list.

I am present on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I do make regular updates. Im not against the social media, heck I do enjoy them immensely. I like getting a glimpse into peoples lives even though you know its a edited one. Its like watching a reality show starring all your favorite people.. But I dont want it to control my life!

So do yourself a favor, put down your phones for a while and be in the present. Talk to the person next to you and stop rating yourself by the like you get.