New opportunity


Yesterday I was asked if I could hold a lecture on health and lifestyle for a class of truckdrivers in November, for 4(!) hours!
I immediately said yes!

Ive hold talks about this before, so its nothing new. But those were for an hour or so and in front of people who are interested in the subject! Not to be judgmental, but truckdrivers arent know for their healthy lifestyle… How can I make the lecture interesting and inspiring? And how will I be able to keep their interest up for 4 hours???
Today I started to go though the material I must cover and… Oh My Gosh how boring!

Well, I have more than two weeks to prepare, and even though it kind of scares the crap out of me, Im totally psyched! This is my kind of challenge! I hope that I will do great, but who knows.
But what I do know is that I will do my very best!


Give up?


Have you ever the feeling that life consists of a lot of “two steps forward, one step back”?
My life is like that anyway…
This winter is not an exception! The great feeling I have had this summer and fall when it comes to my health and fitness, became a big setback.

My physiotherapist, whom I really like because he is a no nonsense, training freak, asked me today if it wasn’t time to give up my running. He knows that the running has improved my nerve-damaged leg, but he thinks that the costs are to big, since he suspect a new hernia. He suggested more low-impact training.

But the thing is that I am a runner!

It is something you are, not something you do…
I have like most other runners a grand hate-love relation with it. I gave up my running after a back-injury in 2004 and started running again (against doctors recommendations) a year ago.
And since the rest if my life is kind of a disappointment, my running is the thing that holds me together!
So, whom would I become without that identity?
I don’t know how to give up! I’m not sure if I got that in me. I know I did it once, but at that time life didn’t give me a choice….
A friend posted this in my Facebook wall, with the word “don’t the hell give up”…. Do I need to say that he also is a runner?