Hur i hela friden packar man inför en resa som kommer innebära tropisk värme, kallt och blåsigt samt regnigt? Dessutom fysiskt ansträngande…

Jag är i vanliga fall den ultimata minimalist packaren…  Jag släpar helst bara med mig det absolut nödvändigaste (bikini, solglasögon och bekväma skor..) och packar alltid ned galltvål och är van att hänga trosorna på tork på natten!

Men min resa till Peru på torsdag, stället till problem för mig! Det ska bli hett, fuktigt, regnigt, kallt och jag ska ju dessutom kampa på min väg upp mot Machu picchu…

Idag började jag plocka fram det jag behöver och högen bara växer ?

Jag trodde resan skulle bli ett äventyr… men att packningen skulle bli min första utmaning anade jag inte!


Familytrips – you gotta love them



Have spent a week in the Swedish alps with my family. Or more correctly, with my sister and her family and her husbands parents. 6 adults, three teenagers, a dog and a cat! Full house you can say!
This group has been cramped together in one cottage! Everyone with his/her own habits, temper and ideas of whats fun. And all of us strong willed!
I really enjoy their company, but it can be a lot….

I spent the time trying to fit in, to blend in. I know that I can be a little bit much. I talk a lot and like to be in the middle of the attention. I get very enthusiastic and carried way. I can be somewhat overbearing.

To my defense I have learned to suppressed that side over the years. My family is not totally fond of my jovial way. They show it in a typical Swedish passive-aggressive way; joking about it! So the time spent with them I have two choices; tone myself down so I don´t rock the boat or endure jokes on my behalf… By the way, I can laugh at myself, I do it all the time. But the jokes are getting old!

I know that me being a morning person and is totally alert at 6 am is pissing people off. So I try to stay in bed as long as I can. But after an hour or two playing with my phone I get bored!

I know that I can be overenthusiastic about things. I got a lot of energy in small, concentrated burst…

I know that I often get scrapes and bruises since I´m careless and rarely think things through. But that´s ok. I´m used to it!  It doesn’t bother me to have scraped knees and blue toenails. It´s only proof that I have had a great time.

It is all me and I am ok with that! Unfortunately, people around me is not as ok with it as I am.  So for one week I have dialed down and tried to be someone else. And it is exhausting!!!

I really love my family and I enjoy our trips to the Swedish alps. But I do rejoice in the fact that it will be 6 month before our next family trip!

There is no place like home…



Ending a trip and returning home is always bitter-sweet. I love to travel and actually enjoy living in a suitcase. But it is good feeling walking in through the door to my home!
After a trip like this my health issues takes its tolls. I’m totally exhausted!
So today I’ve been slacking around, sleeping in, unpacking and preparing the laundry…. And taking an afternoon nap…
Weird feeling when your own snoring wakes you up!!!!
But now the cat is returned to me, the suitcase is back in the storage room and the hollow feeling creeps up…. Where to go and what to do next?

Preparation is everything



But being prepared is making life  a whole lot simpler…

This day was kind of marked for preparations for my next trip. You know;  reading up on the place youre going, packing…. But life has a tendency to bring you surpises! So instead of doing all that I´ve been absorbed in the magic world of computer code. Not my area of expertice I can tell you!

I finally gave up and asked for help! I didn´t spare much time, but maybe a headache….

I know some people love to sit with there blogthemes and widgets and plug-ins. I´m NOT one of them. I want it up and running and ready to use. Instead of preparing for my nest adventure I´ve been sitting dumbfounded by my computer.

Now I´ve realized that Rome wasn´t built in one day and neither will this blog!  So  finally, I will devote a few hours to do all the things I really love to do. Pack my bags, leave the cat with my sister and especially read about all the thing I want to see in Copenhagen…

2013-05-07 09.40.37


What I plan to see and what I do see are two very different things.  Thats why preparation isn´t everything.  Spontaneity is crucial.

Gilbert K. Chesterton said it perfect;

“The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see”